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Anne Schadde, HP Juergen Weiland, MSc Hom

February, Saturday 27 and Sunday 28, 2021 9.00 to 2.00 PM (MST)

Since the turn of the millennium, it has become increasingly necessary to understand people on a deeper level and support their life’s journey. The patterns of life and consequently the patterns of illness often reach back to childhood’s experiences and events. This is why holistic treatment can be especially supportive when we work with children. In this webinar, children’s life stories are presented, including their developmental process, while taking a look at “the journey of the child’s soul”.

This popular German speaker duo has decades of experience in homeopathic treatment. In addition to their treasure of homeopathic expertise, Anne and Juergen also understand how to convey complex philosophical-psychological topics in a simple and lively form. In their dynamic and creative lectures, they guide their listeners through their case presentations and remedy discussions.

Organizer: Homeopathy School International

Early registration: $180 – after February 15th $220

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